Home Xbox Forum I just got an XBOX 360 and I want some new games.?

I just got an XBOX 360 and I want some new games.?


I don’t have online just yet, the only game I have is Gears of War, which is GREAT. But I want some more games. What games should I get from the XBOX Marketplace? Also, what are some more games I should get? Other than Halo 3 or Call of Duty for. Or other games I should wait for.

(I am reserving Resident Evil 5, so dont say that)

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  1. umm buy fable tc only like 10 bucks and easy find for the first xbox if u like rpgs pwnage game give u a good old 20 hours of gameplay fable 2 coming heheh

    oblivion if u want a huge rpg and great one the story is decent and u can put easy like 80hour plus in it

    lol i have 83 hours and still like at 102 quest and there is over 200 in the goty one

    why not cod4? u could pick up for 30 bucks used or some where around that price. iots a nice canpain i enjoyed it played it 3 times and i dont play canpain more then once offen

    dead or alive pwn some zobies in a mail lol

    gta is decent i say rent it if u can put 30 hours gameplay in a week around 25 hours

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