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I have my PS3 but I don’t know which is better, the ethernet cable or wireless for my network connection?



  1. The ethernet cable is better because you get a “stonger” more stable connection.

    The WiFi connection is better if you don’t want to be bothered with having to run any wires and if your modem or router isn’t in the same room as the one where the PS3 is.

    But as far a connectivity, the Ethernet cable connection will give you a better more stable connection than the Wireless connection.

    Frankly, I’ve had my PS3 hookep up via WiFi (wireless) since I got it and I haven’t had any problems. But every setup is different I guess.



  2. using the ethernet cable u get more speed but it also depends on ur ISP.Internet Service Provider. if the internet speed ur getting is 8mb then it really does not matter whether u use wired or wireless because it will only make a difference if ur getting 100mb/sec and ur wireless router’s speed is 45mb/sec then if u use the ethernet cable from the router u will get the full 100mb bit rate. But to avoid cables running all over the place its best to use wireless.

  3. Wired connections are easier to set up, faster, and more reliable than wireless. If you have the option of using either, go with wired.

    If you don’t have ready access to make wired connections from your PS3s location, wireless will be okay.

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