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I have a PS3 & have come back from USA with 2 games, they come up black/white on TV, is there a cable I need?


My TV is not HD but I know there is a cable/wire out there that will make it work because I had the same problem when I had a PS3 2 years ago but I sold it, I remember buying a cable/wire that made it work but I don’t remember the name of it – nor does the shop that I brought it from.

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  1. i had problem with mine but i found a button on tv that said pal automatic and ntsc so i switched it to ntsc and it worked so look to see if your tv has one if not then there is no way around it

  2. Make sure you try all the AV type channels.

    Mine has one channel in black and one in white and colour, EXT1 and EXT 2

  3. What format are the games you brought back from the U.S?

    If they are NTSC they will not work on a European TV which is PAL standard.

    All Games in Europe have PAL on the case somewhere, all games sold in the U.S. have NTSC on the case.

    You can’t play an American NTSC game on a PAL TV, likewise you cannot play a PAL game on an NTSC TV.

    The difference is the number of lines displayed on the TV, PAL has more lines than NTSC

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