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I got my Xbox 360 on wednesday. I have GTA4, COD4, and Halo3. What game should I get next?


i kinda like Burnout Paradise, or Grid, and i want Too Human when it comes out but not till august

whats any game should i get now, or suggest 2 games

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  1. Battlefield “Bad company” i downloaded the demo and played the multiplayer,its pretty good.its a break from Call of Duty 4.

  2. army of two, rainbow six vegas 2, gears of war, gears of war 2, mass effect, unreal tournament, bad company, saints row 2

    any of them are great

  3. You’ve had a 360 for four whole days now, and you already have (arguably) three of the best video games to come out on any platform in years.

    I’d say you should be occupied for a while. I’ve been hooked on COD4’s multiplayer since December.

    +1 for the live connection though. I cant imagine myself even using my 360 without it.

  4. Definately Army of One. I recently gpt my girlfriend to play through a co-op campaign. And she hadn’t played any games since SNES!!

    Burnout Paradise is good, but grab Burnout Revenge for some hot fun!

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