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I do not understand physical discs and the Xbox one. Can someone break down what the game discs are for if all they do is install?


I put in an xbox one disc and expected (rather logically in my opinion) that I would be able to play my game right away but instead it is installing the game. Why is it doing this and not just playing? Does this mean there is no point to the disc? If all it does is install onto the xbox, I fail to see how they make money if I can pass around the game and install it to other xbox’s. Won’t constantly downloading games kill my memory? I’d like to eventually have lots of games that haven’t come out yet but how will I have the memory for it?

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  1. The point of installing the disc is to increase loading times and game performance as well as reduce wear and tear on the disc drive, the disc and the console in general. If you constantly have a disc spinning it creates more heat and ultimately reduces the consoles life span, installing the disc means your discs and console will last longer and perform better. Pro tip – disconnect from xbox live when installing games, it will install faster.

    Yes installing games will make a big dent in your storage, this was a bit of a worry to many owners to begin with, but they have now released external hard drive support for up to two external hard drives of at least 254GB up to any size. So if you’re running out of space just buy yourself a terabyte hard drive to plug in and you’ll never run out of space.

  2. Installing the game offers some benefits, mainly in load times between areas or levels in the game. Some games will only load commonly used data to the hard drive, leaving the cutscenes to play from the disc. Other games copy the entire game to the hardr drive – cutscenes and all. Another benefit is that playing off the hard drive saves wear and tear on the blu-ray drive – which tends to be the weakest hardware device in a console.

    Which ever the game chooses, you still need the disc in the system when you start the game. Think of it as using a key to start a car.

    So you can lend your game to your friend, but if you want to play the game you’ll need the disc.

    You only need to install the game the first time you play it. After that it’ll run off the hard drive (after checking that the disc is in the system.)

    At ~500GB, the XB1’s hard drive will be able to store between 10-20 game installs at once. If you’re done with a game, you can delete the install files for that game. This will leave its save files, just in case. If you decide to play the game again, simply re-install it.

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