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I bought an Xbox 360 Elite bundle. It has a 120GB hard drive and it came with Forza Motorsprt 3 and Halo ODST.?


It also came with two wireless controllers and a wireless headset. Does anyone know if this system comes with the wi-fi built in or do I have to get the wi-fi adaptor. I bought it for my kids for X-Mas and can’t open it till then.

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  1. Good choice 🙂

    Nice console but yeah the older models, the non slim models don t have inbuild Wireless. So best is to see if you can’t check the second hand market for a cheap Xbox 360 wireless usb thingy. Trust me there new they are freaking over priced and even second hand they are still what I call expensive.

    Hell running an ethernet wire is cheaper.including buying one and getting it through to the rooms.

  2. i got the exact same bundle, there should be a grey ethernet cable and just attach it to your router. If you dont have a router in the room or near the xbox then you have to buy a wireless adapter which cost $100. Once you get wi-fi running there will be no point in it unless you have LIVE which cost $60 per year. hope it helps

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