Home Playstation Forum I am looking for wasy to play PS3 games?

I am looking for wasy to play PS3 games?


I am getting a PS3, and my girlfriend is intimidated by all of the buttons, she would rather just play the WII. Can you give me a few games that are as easy to play as WII games so that I can find games she would like to play.

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  1. Little Big Planet has simple controls and is a great game that you and her will enjoy. It is a great game. Now if money isn’t an issue then get Rock Band 1 or 2. She’ll love to sing on there or to play guitar or to play drums. This is pricey though. Uncharted Drakes Fortune’s controls are in the middle they are okay but a little hard at some points. This is a shooter/action/adventure game. NBA 09 The Inside has easy controls and is a great basketball game. I really liked this one! Burnout Paradise has the easist control scheme of all racers and is the best racer on th market. Finally Spiderman Web of Shadow’s has excellent and fluent controls but it’s only a decent game.

    I would get Little Big Planet or Rock Band or Burnout or NBA 09 The Inside.They are the best for controls.


  2. Warhawk

    Super Stardust HD

    Wipeout Pulse.

    Any PSN downloadable games are usually easy to control – besides, when I bought my PS3 along with Call of Duty 4, I found the controls really hard but now it’s just like playing Wii Sports – easy.

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