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How to transfer data from a Xbox hard-drive to a new one.?


My brother who is in medical school and has no time for games, gave me his original Xbox 360. I mean, I’m pretty sure he waited in line to get the first one. So I think this thing is 6-7.5 years old. I’m amazed it still works good. Occasionally while I’m playing a game the disk will stop spinning and I will have to turn it off and back on. I’m pretty sure I have a 20 GB hard drive, an I have 7.5 GB free. I saw on GameStop’s website a 60 GB refurbished hard drive for $30. [url is not allowed] I was wondering is this a good price? But my main question is, how would I transfer my data from my current hard drive to this new one? I know they sell a cable to connect the old hard drives to the new Xbox slims, but do they have one to do what I need? One more question, if I were to sell my Xbox with wi-fi adapter how much might I get; and how much is a used Xbox slim? Thank you

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  1. yes that is a good price. go for it if you have the money

    i have done this on my Xbox.you can go to gamestop,ebay,amazon,ect. and buy an Xbox memory card. once you have this go to settings > memory > then hard drive. once your at the place where it shows all your games select a game and move it to your memory card until your memory card is full. once it is full take out your old hard drive and put the new one in and then you move the games to your new hard drive. it may take you a little while but it works.

    ps.(if you have xbox live) remember that if you downloaded games/add ons from the marketplace you don’t have to move them just re-download them it will give you the option of “download again” and you don’t have to pay because you have already done so.

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