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how to play xbox live?


ok, so, im getting an xbox 360 for xmas, and im also getting CoDMW2, and i want live. i already have a wireless internet connection for my laptop. so, what items are needed to get internet to the xbox. also, how do i set up an account for live?

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  1. well you need a wireless adapter which ranges in price from 40 to 100 dollars and a gold live subscription card which is usually 40-50 dollars that is usually all that you need some other stuff like a mic or cam is optional

  2. Firstly, you don’t need a wireless device to connect your Xbox to the internet. just get your self an ethernet cable and plug it into the back of your Xbox and into the side of your computer. Instructions on how to connect are available on the internet on Xbox’s site.

    Xbox live silver is free which will get you on the internet and gives you limited available to the features including (some) downloads. To upgrade to gold you can ether go to your local game shop (such as GAME and GameStation if your in the UK) or you can log into Xbox’s Live website and buy it online, which you will need access to a debit or credit card.

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