Home Playstation Forum how to fix the buttons on my ps3 can anyone help?

how to fix the buttons on my ps3 can anyone help?


my ps3 controller lights up when i plug it in the ps3 and sinks but everything works execpt triangle square circle and x buttons and when i unplug it does not light up anymore need help

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  1. Try resetting the PS3 controller (use the Reset button on the bottom of the controller – [url is not allowed]. ).

    Once you reset the controller, plug it back into the PS3 with the USB cable and press the PS button. If this does not help, then there is something wrong with the controller and you will need to get a new one (or used one).

  2. You can replace the battery, it just involves unscrewing the controller case, unplugging the battery then replacing it and finally the extremely fiddly annoying process of getting the case back on. 🙁

    But yeah, you’re probably better off getting a new controller if its past its warranty date.

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