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How to change HDD on PS3?


I want to change HDD on PS3. Which HDD is your recommendation? and what is a good device to back up?

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  1. 1. any 2.5 inch sata 5400 rpm hard drive will be good , I like seagate as a brand but you can buy any brand you like as long as it meets those specs , do not buy one that runs at 7200 rpm because it will damage the console by overheating it but that’s the only thing you need to worry about

    2. any external hard drive that has enough space is good , it will have to be fat32 format but most under 500 gigabytes are fat 32 when you buy them – if the ps3 recognizes it it’s formatted properly , for size it depends on how big the hdd in the ps3 is – eg. you have a 120 gig hard drive in the ps3 already you’d need a min , 120 gigs free space so make sure the hard drive the space available

    3. the swap is easy , after you use backup utility on the ps3 to do the backup unplug the console

    remove the hdd cover , it just pops right off

    remove the screw under the cover , slide out the hdd enclosure

    you’ll see 4 screws , remove them

    now put the new hdd into the enclosure and tighten the screws

    put it back together , make sure the hdd is in tight and put the single screw back in

    plug the console in , format the hdd , update the system software ( either using the internet or a flash drive , if using flash drive method make sure you have the newset version on the flash drive before you begin )

    now plug in the external hdd , use backup utility to restore the data

    caution , the screws are really tight and strip easily if you use cheap tools so get a good screwdriver with a name brand from a store selling automotive tools if you can

    the backup will take 45 min. to several hours depending on how much data is being copied so be patient

    the restore operation can take 2 to 4 times as long as the backup , it depends on how many games and how much game data has to be installed , some games take an hour just to install and the restore is copying the data then installing it all so again be patient , I have seen a 250 gig ps3 restore take 12 hours so I recommend you backup and install the new hdd one day and start the restore the next when you have a lot of time unless it’s only 100 gigs or less of data

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