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How much does an xbox cost at Gamestop?


So, actually my friend and i are on the phone and she’s playing black ops on her xbox. I looked up the game on youtube and it looks really fun xD! How much would an xbox cost and how much does Call of Duty Black Ops cost?

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  1. The new Xbox 360 Slim 4GB is $199 and the 250 GB is $299, but I suggest the 250 GB model because some games require a larger hard drive to do certain things (like Halo Reach can’t play co-op on the 4GB version). Black Ops is $65

  2. Brand new xbox would cost anywhere from $200 to $350 depending on the kind you get. You can also get a used one for very cheap which i recommend for you. And Black ops is one of the best games out and you will love the game. You can get a brand new copy for 60 bucks or a used one depending on the place you buy it from for 40 bucks. But Call of Duty is a blast so you won’ t be disappointed in this investment.

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