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How many hours a day should I play my Xbox 360?


I know it has a overheating problem and when I get one I want to know how long it takes before it overheats. Does it take like one hour or 12 hours? Im the kind of person who plays it at different times like I get bored and get off and get on i probably play maybe 30 minutes each session. Is this enough for my 360 to overheat.

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  1. Just keep it in an open area for air to circulate. A small fan nearby wouldn’t hurt either. I usually play 4 to 8 hours at a time and don’t have any issues. All depends on how cool you keep it. The newer systems are made better and should not have to worry as much. Keep it flat and not in an enclosed cabinet or anything.

  2. 30 Minutes Is Not Even Gonna Over Heat It. If You Play More Then 7 Or 8 Hours Then Yeah It’ll Probably Over Heat But 5-6 Is Okay. Plus Theres Other Things That Can Even More Overheat It. Like Putting It In Direct Sunlight. Putting It In A Closed Area. And Stuff Like That. Make Sure Theres Nothing Blocking The Air Being Released Out Of The X-Box.

  3. I don’t know. I don’t think 30 minutes would be enough to render an Xbox 360 with the RROD. But I can’t say for 100% though I am 98% sure that 30 minutes wouldn’t hurt.

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