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how does xbox live pick host?


ive been playing gears of war 2 and as everyone knows it has a bad lag, sometimes its ok though but it seems sometimes the lag gets so bad that i cant even leave the spawn point. how does it chose who is the host? i know if you make a lag switch you can bridge host which making a lag to become host makes it seem like it picks the worst connection as host. but then in a match there was a horribal lag the only person to get a kill was the host and he got 18 kills and he said that was the first time in over a month he has had host. so it seems and dosnt seem like the worst connection is host. idk how does it chose host?

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  1. xbox live doesn’t pick host it’s just when you’re the party leader and invite the more friends to your matchmaking lobby and u will have very high chances of being the host yeah but xbox live doesn’t pick hosts it just randomly pick party leaders from the start of matchmaking if u have a good connection it’s cool being the host because u get alot of easy kills that u say wow!!

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