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How does Playstation plus work?


Well, the title kind of says what i’m on about. I know how it works, i just want to find out about how the, “Your instant game collection” part works!

Yes, i know that, you can download free games as long as you are on PS plus (which i am) but, it says something like, “yours to keep blaa, blaa, blaa, until your not a plus member no more”.

Basically ive heard that every month they move the games around (add new games to the collection and get rid of old ones) (+ im in the EU BTW). About 10 every month or something like that. Anyway, if i download a game from the Instant collections and its not there the following month, will i still keep my game (if im still a plus member).

^Thats the first question, the second question is if i do run out of membership and the game is still installed to my HDD, what happens? Does it get deleted? I just can’t play it until i get a new membership.? Please help!

Thank you sooooo much for your time! 🙂

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  1. Yes! It will stay purchased! All you have to do (if you happen to delete it to make room and you regret it) you just search for it again and it is if you actually bought the retail version on PSN. Just redownload. Its basically permanent.

  2. Well if you downloaded the game its going to be on your download list, and if your membership ends the game automatically deletes.

  3. When you download it is on your hard drive. It will work as long as you are a member. When your membership runs out it will be locked. If you renew your membership it will be unlocked again. If you erase it and want it back, you will find it on your download history. If you purchase something it will be yours to keep and will never be locked.

    An example: I downloaded (for free) Streets Of Rage as a Plus subscriber. When my subscription ran out, over a year ago, the game became locked. A few months ago I got a new membership, and the game was playable again. High scores etc. intact.

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