Home Playstation Forum how do you record ps3 game-play without a computer nearby?

how do you record ps3 game-play without a computer nearby?


plz help

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  1. You need something called TriStar MX HD PVR. You connect it to your ps3 or xbox 360 by the yellow, red, white wire and then connect the HD wires (if you have an HDTV) with green, blue, red. Or yellow, red, white for standard TV’s. Either way you can connect it. After you connect it, you go into the setting menu and tell the TriStar MX HD PVR what output you would like. You can use normal TV which is cool if you have a standard TV. Or High definition if you have a HDTV (like me). You can set it to 480, 720, or 1080p. The video will come in from the Xbox 360 to the TriStar MX HD PVR. So you can see your game on the TV now. On the TriStar MX HD PVR there is button (or you can use the remote control that included), press Video input to see the Xbox360. Now start playing your game like normal and then press the Record button on the TriStar MX HD PVR (or on the TriStar MX HD PVR remote). The gameplay footage will be saved onto an internal hard drive. I have 1TB in mine and lots of game footage. If you run out of space which you wont then you can connect an external hard drive to your HD PVR. I connect an external hard drive when my friend comes over to allow her to share my cool footage. I make tutorials for all my friends with commentary in it. You can also save to flash memory using the USB insert area. Also there is memory cards slots where you can save to all sorts of memory. I have connected to my home network, so I stream my gameplay to the office computer to save cool files to upload to my facebook and share with my friend on the social network. O, before I forget you can also connect it to your computer like a hard drive. The PVR is pretty small and compact. So I take it with me on vacation. But in a nutshell, that how you rock it. Just connect it to your ps3 if you use playstation, wii for Nintendo, or my fav XBOX360. Hope I enlightened you a little. I wish you good fortune.

  2. If you have a dvd player plugged in your TV set, just play and hit record while playing, it will record everything until your push stop on your recorder.

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