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How do you put songs on an Xbox (Original)?


I was watching a video of someone showing how to soft mod an Xbox and on the screen it said Music

(I forgot to tell you my friend is giving me his Xbox)

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  1. you put an audio cd into the drive and select copy. you don’t need to mod the xbox to put songs on it.

  2. I don’t know if it is the same as the Xbox 360, but i just put the CD i wanted into my 360 and uploaded it and it worked fine.

  3. You can’t download or save music on an original Xbox

    (you can on an Xbox 360 by putting CD in and hitting upload)but you can put a CD in and listen to it.

    Hope that helps a little bit



  4. You have to put a music CD into your XBOX and it will RIP or Save it onto the internal hard drive. thats it no software modification needed.

  5. it is very simple, you just need to load in your CD, go to the music tab on the xbox Dashboard (the main screen) you will see a Soundtrack, press COPY then select all, or what ever tracks you need, and it will rip onto your Xbox. Simple as that or you could um FTP files but in this case its just better to Rip them the way i told you how.

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