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How Do You Make An Xbox 360,Silent?



  1. That would be nice, but I’m afraid your stuck with turning your TV up louder to drown it out.

    Also if you have it standing up, Lay it down.

    It is often louder while standing up because it causes more strain on the disc drive. Your games will thank you for it too, since the tendency to scratch and crack discs is higher while it is standing up.

  2. The ONLY way you will make it silent is to cut it off lol– a soundproof box is a bad idea because it will cause the 360 to overheat (bein in an enclosed space)

  3. Actually the noises you often hear coming from a xbox 360 are from the dvd drive which was pretty nosy if you don’t have a 2008 model. The drives they used to use before had to spin at such a high speed to access information that they tended to sound like a jet engine.Really nothing you can do about this. The original xbox you could upgrade your dvd drive really easy but the xbox 360 dvd drive has a special key that it gives the motherboard in order for you to play a game.Hope this helps.=)

  4. W-what?!

    Silent? Your talking about the sound it makes?

    It’s called a fan. No fan = no xbox.

    No fan = melted xbox 🙂

    Happy playing.

  5. You cant make it silent but you can make it quiet try blow in cold air on it like with a little fan or put it by a window it also improves the game speed as well and reduces the risk of red ring of death cos its not over heating and because its cool its less noise

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