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how do i tape gameplay on xbox 360?


ok, so iv’e been looking around online for a site of anything to tape my gameplay on xbox 360 not like fraps where you can only tape computer games but where can i buy one of those cameras that tapes gameplay on consoles of anything like that thanks if you can help or just for answering.

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  1. Well if you get a camera its gonna have bad quallity. So get a dazzle dvd recorder it will record your game :). Hope this helps!

  2. Camcorder – Some camcorders out there have AV inputs that can connect to your console for simple recording. If your camcorder has this option, you can record your footage onto a tape (or DVD depending on how new your camcorder is) and transfer it to your computer.

    Note that most camcorders only have one set of AV connectors that function as inputs or outputs. If they’re being used as inputs, you won’t be able to use them to output at the same time. In this situation, you’ll have to use the little screen on the camera as your playing monitor (easier said than done, you’d need a mate to help you with this).

    If your camcorder doesn’t have a video input, you can just point it at your TV and record the game being played. Although by doing that you lose quite a bit of the quality and may see thick black lines running through the screen if you are using an SD TV. Make sure you have good lighting and the quality should be alright.


    This is my preferred method of recording, as it’s quick, simple, and the quality is great. Be prepared to pay a few hundred dollars for a good DVD recorder though, the price all depends on how big the internal HDD is. Although you can buy DVD recorders that only burn straight to disc (no HDD) but may end up costing you more in discs in the long run. The best way to hook it up would be through HDMI or Component cables, alternatively you can just use the standard composite cables that come with your console.

    Connect your console to the DVD recorder, record your footage and then burn the footage to a DVD. Put the DVD into your computer and rip the video to your hard-drive for editing.

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