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How did my xbox 360 get updated?!?!? I dont have an ethernet cable connected to it!!?


I recently put in the Prototype game disc into my xbox 360 and a box came up saying i had to update to play the game.

I clicked OK and the xbox restarted with the new update (the one with customizable avatars). How did that happen?! I dont have internet on it.


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  1. Its not an update that you have to download or anything. It is some sort of update they put on the xbox so you dont have to have it connected to the internet.

  2. updates can be carried on the disk, you can download updates from the internet put it into a disk put the disk in your xbox and the update is done.

  3. the games sometimes come with the updates on them hence the “magical” update your speaking of.

    Most games will update the software after long periods of time

  4. Some newly released games tend to come with updates installed in the disc. No need to go online to update ur console.This update that u got is called NXE. u can read all about it on xbox.com. i prefer the old dashboard better.

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