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how can i make my xbox 360 have a HD output on my PC monitor?


I have a DVI-D outlet on my lcd pc monitor. I have the original xbox 360, so it doesn’t have the HDMI outlet. Is there a plug or adapted available for my xbox?

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  1. what is ur monitors resolution should be higer than 1080p/i or 1900×1.

    to use HD. If yes then buy a DVI-D to VGA and buy a 360 VGA connectors

    Btw buying a 360 VGA connectors and plugin it to ur monitors VGA input will giv u 720p or 1280×1. which is OK

  2. All XBOX 360 games are in HD. Weather you have the original 360 or a new one, all the games are native in 720p.

  3. All games except Virtual tennis 3 (1080p) and Halo 3 – but the Xbox 360 can scale the picture up to the HD capability of your HDTV (up to 1080p or down to 480p). just make sure you go to the SYSTEM blade and select Display output to optimize it EVERYTIME you change displays (important)!

    Use a VGA cable for your Xbox 360 (which along with COMPONENT and HDMI – which you can’t use). All these cables will display your content in High Definition on a HD display like your PC Monitor. if you monitor does not have a VGA port, get a DVI to VGA adapter see eBay or Radio Shack). They are pretty cheap.

    Good luck!

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