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Help with Xbox live in dorm!?


I need your help guys. I’m trying to get xbox live working in my dorm through a couple different ways and nothing has worked so far. I don’t really know what else to do so i’m hoping one of you do.

When I go and try to connect to live, a connection is made through my school’s internet and everything is fine until it tries to connect to xbox live. At that point, it says “Your router or ISP may be blocking access to xbox live. Make sure port 3074 is open on your firewall.”

I’ve tried connecting wirelessly, through an ethernet, bridging the connection with a couple laptops, and now I’m just stumped. I really want to go on live and so i need your guys’ help.

I was thinking if i maybe bought a router, plugged it into the ethernet in my wall, and sort of set up another connection would i be able to connect through this new connection that i created? Does that even make sense or will the firewall ports still be closed.


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  1. We had the same problem last year in my dorm, we had to plug the xbox live connection into the wall where the internet jack usually is plugged in. You could always get your own modem and router from comcast and create your own internet connection.

    Hope this helps bro

    Add me if you want my gamertag is: ZOMBIEcontagion

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