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Help new games to play for PS3?


I love video games. i know i’m a girl so what we love games too. anyway i like videos games like god of war and that kind of stuff. so if you please tell me some video games that are like that one please i really will appreciate that. i like violence but i just cant find other good games pleaseeee thanks :0)
yeahh i have call of duty lol thanks anyway

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  1. If you like running around beating up lots of foes, try any of the Dynasty Warrior or Samurai Warriors games. Despite the different titles, settings and characters, they feature essentially the same core gameplay – run around the battlefield, slaying 1000s of enemies. Wah-hahahaha!

    Dynasty Warriors is set in ancient China, whereas Samurai Warriors is set in medieval Japan. Both games are based on actual historical events and figures.

    In both games, you choose a character and help your faction conquer China/Japan by fighting through a series of battles. Each game comes with dozens of characters, each with their own unique weapon and fighting style. Take to the battlefield along with 1000s of other soldiers as you race to take out the enemy generals before they can take out your allies. Defeating named opponents earns your character experience points which helps him (or her) become more powerful. You can also earn special items and weapon upgrades to further customize your character.

    The games come with anywhere between 30 to 50 different characters with dozens of different storylines to unlock as you play through the games.

    There’s also the Warrior Orochi games, which is a fictional cross-over story involving characters from both the Dynasty Warrior and Samurai Warrior games.

    As I mentioned, these games use actual historical characters, so be careful.you may end up learning something about Chinese or Japanese history. 🙂

    All these games have been out for awhile, so you can find them cheap.

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