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Help! My ps3 has stopped playing discs.?


Everything apart from the disc drive is working fine, but as I say the disc drive is not playing games, dvd’s or cd’s. I would send it back to sony so they could fix it, but i won’t for two reasons:

1)I had the same problem before and they sent me a refurbished console, and;

2)I really do not want to pay £150 Just for them to look at it, with no guarantee of them fixing it.(My warrantee ran out just over 3 months ago)

So does any body know how to fix this?

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  1. This has happend to a few people i know, the only option really is to get it repaired or get a refurb. You will be charged because your out of garuntee. Call Playstatioan on 08705998877 so that they can run through the options.

  2. you need to replace the blue ray laser

    it is simple enough to do

    Research on line how to

    for about £50 buy the laser for the model of ps3 you have

  3. dude i have had similar problems. i sent it back with the reciept from best buy and they sent me back a new one. then i had to send another one back. and now my third one is broken. it wont update, games online wont work, and if i hit the ps button during a game, the ps page wont load and wont leave the loading screen. piece of $$$hit. too expensive to be this crappy of a machine. never going back to playstation.

  4. This probably means that the lens that reads the disk has broken. I would advice against trying to change it yourself. I think Sony would be able to fix it though, so I don’t think you would be wasting your money. Better than nothing anyway.

    But then you said it has happened before? That must mean you are doing something to damage the console. Try not to move it around or bump it, particularly if it’s on. Also, it’s been said some disks may do this to the machine. Watch what you’re doing.

    Hope I helped.

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