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halo 3 editing custom games for xbox 360?


one time i was just playing a 1 player custom game and i was just pressing buttons and i found out how to edit the game( put weapons in and defenses bombs ect;) and i tried to do it today and pressed the same button and it wouldnt work i looked in the manuel and pressed the same button(the ^ button on the pad not the analog sticks)and i know its not the controler cuz it works just fine with other games.and when playing solo game sooo.yeah any websites or tricks that can work?

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  1. Oooh A flirty girl playing Halo 3 🙂 lol!

    You were in the Forge, placing stuff, it wasn’t a cheat code of any kind, but cheats for halo? I don’t think there is any, and tricks well I’m sure there are tricks, but I don’t know any websites.sorry! Good luck though!

  2. lol your on Forge mode XD here you go this is a website that you can try to do all teh tricks, glitch, and fake cheats all you want lol [url is not allowed]

  3. haha, fasho you talking about forge. In forge you press up on the d pad and it takes you to the editing screen. Select forge from the main menu and choose the level you want to edit. Then select options before starting such as who can edit the map and if its private or open to you friends list. start it up and you can now pretty much put as many weapons and vehicles or whatever you like as much as the game will allow.

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