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Good ps3 games?


I’m so bored and I play online a lot

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  1. Depends on what kind of games you like, but things with online I would recommend:

    Shooting games you obviously have the Call of Duty and Battle Field series. Mass Effect 3`s coming out soon and it appears to have a decent looking online mode. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City is also coming out in the next month if you`re into online survival play.

    RPGs I would recommend White Knight Chronicles II. Blade and Soul, and Final Fantasy XIV are also to be released within the next year if you`re interested in those.

    For fighting games, Soul Calibur V is newly out. BlazBlue and Naruto Generations are coming out in the next few months too. Tekken and Street Fighter are also good if you`re into online fighters.

    For racing and sports games, I`d recommend Need for Speed and Fifa series. Unfortunately I don`t really know any other games in this category.

    Other than those, I guess you could try Assassin`s Creed: Revelations. Also there`s Catherine, but I`m not sure how the online play works in that. As far as I know it`s puzzle based.

  2. Resistance 3 ( Kinda the best exclusive shooter on PS3 has great campaign and a good online )

    Catherine ( UNIQUE! A puzzle game as well as a dating simulator but with a mature topic but its a game you can’t hate. But yeah , no online either )

    Heavy Rain ( Very unique game play with a great realistic story and multiple endings and one of the best exclusives on PS3 but no online )

    InFamous 2 ( your a hero who has power over lightning and the catch is its up to you to become the savior or the villain and even your powers increase depending on what path you went and there are 2 endings , has LBP like ppl made levels and also have an open world in which you do however you like , still no online )

    Resonance of Fate (Great JRPG but with guns and a futuristic setting in which earth is polluted and to avoid it , your in a city floating up in the sky and a trio that takes on clients for diff jobs but things get darker as you progress , no online either)

    L.A Noire ( Unique and the best detective game out there , though of course its offline only)

    Red Dead Redemption ( Awesome story , good freedom and fun online , also GOTY 2011 )

    Metal Gear Solid 4 ( Best story game around there for me with a full tacked on online mode and HUGE replay value but cut scenes are long , GOTY 2008 )

    Uncharted 2 ( GOTY 2011 ) and Uncharted 3 ( GOTY 2012 ) (Great story , great set pieces , great voice acting and soundtrack with good characters , great action , great game play and online! this is also a MUST for PS3 )

    Mortal Kombat (Good story mode , Very fun fighting system especially fatalities and X-rays , and humongous amount of content to unlock and ofcourse online modes )

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow ( an overlooked gem , great game with vibrant visuals with no online but do checkout the demo )

    Valkyria Chronicles ( this game is hard to find but a must buy rpg for PS3 , no online )

    Portal 2! ( this game is very fun tho simple with an online co-op , your will definitely have fun with it )

    Motorstorm Apocalypse ( crazy awesome level design and lag less great online with split screen up to 4players )

    Saints Row 3 ( Its crazy fun and super silly with co-op online , your guranteed to have fun with this )

    Outland ( PSN Only but an outstanding 2D platformer you should definitely get and yes , it has online )

    Braid ( a puzzle game and PSN Only with no online , this game is well mind bending , I think the most time I spent thinking in a gane was in this but then I there was this smile on my face , MUST play)

    Batman Arkham City ( Probably one of the best games I’ve played , great openworld , loads of stuff to do , very fun combat system and TONS and TONS of content but no online )

    Assassin’s Creed Revelations ( Open-world with great freedom , fun combat and alot of dlc support but most of all , the ONLINE! Its the most fun online in a while )

    Killzone 3 ( 2player Co-op campaign as well as single player , the game is definitely good with great set pieces , good story and GREAT visuals but I felt the campaign was too short but this is one of the most fun online shooters out there on PS3 honestly and with MOVE support )

    God of War 3 ( Best Graphics of 2011 award ) ( Violent action hack-n-slash game with great visuals and a very fun single player but is 11hours long or so , though you’ll be coming back for weapon upgrades and higher difficulties , no online though)

    Bulletstorm ( Very fun combat system and you have a sniper whose bullets explode and you can guide them and great GIGANTIC boss fights and great set pieces with fun humor throughout the game , so its really cool , online is just co-op but the single player alone is worth the purchase)

    GOTY = Game of the Year award

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