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For playing video games,which one is best. playstation or computer? with respect to performance,clarity.?


To start a Gamestation,i need to purchase some PCs or Playstation based on your inputs

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  1. ps3 man. the PS3 was meant to be played online. Ok Xbox fanboys, dont flame me. 😛 it’s my opinion.

    You can get some cool games like Unreal Torunament 3, Call of Duty 4 and many others.

  2. Not sure what you mean by gamestation. But. PC’s can be better, but they’ll cost more than a playstation will. Plus, most games that come out on consoles eventually come out on PC. Not to mention it is easier for most people to play FPS and RTS games with a mouse because then you can also use a keyboard for hotkeys and stuff like that.

  3. The PC is better with respect to performance and clarity, and sheer power.

    However all PS3 games are designed around the same hardware, you don’t have to worry about having the latest $1000 graphics card to get a meaningful performance, The OS wont require re-installing every two weeks and viruses won’t devour your life.

    If you can figure a way around the profiles and userid’s Playstations will certainly be easier, and whilst PC’s are better regarding your criteria, they are also a lot more expensive. On a Price vs Performance basis the Playstation wins hands down.

  4. Assuming that you want to start a game parlor, my recommendation would be to get gaming systems that are specifically designed for this purpose. For e.g., to play a car game, you should have an arrangement like a car with gear shifts, brake, accelerator and dashboard.

    Why would anyone come to your “gamestation” if most of them own either a PC or playstation?

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