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Final Fantasy XIII Being Developed On the PS3 Or 360 First?


Like as you know Modern Warfare 2, and other multi plat games look better on the 360 because of things like its developed on it first, and that its the lead console.

so is Final Fantasy XIII Still going to be developed on the PS3 as the main console? and is it Possible it will look better than the 360 version?


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  1. Games are basically 95% the same if they’re made for more than one console. They take the same graphics, same audio/video, etc. They only change around the coding a little so that the console can read it. Also, they change some coding around to optimize performance.

    I’m guessing they’ll make it on the 360 first, because optimizing is usually easier than downgrading. If you have your base (the game), then they set it up for the Xbox 360. PS3 has more advanced hardware, such as blue-ray and 8 cores for processing opposed to 3 cores. So if the game is made for 3 cores, they could easily add some coding to spread out the processes to more cores.

    If you downgrade, you lose quality and some features. If you upgrade, you can get better performance and add more features.

    By the way, I’m not a PS3 “fan boy,” I own both systems, and they’re great. I’m not leaning towards one side, it’s just common sense if you think about it.

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