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Final Fantasy 13 on PS2?


I already know the answer and i need to pucker up and save some cash (A lot) But i just need a few people to tell me, even though it is going to break my heart.

Is FF 13 Ever going to be on PS2?

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  1. Not a chance. The demo for this game was something like 5 gigs. God knows how big the actual game is gonna be. It is seemingly impossible for FF13 to come out for the PS2. But trust me buying a ps3 is worth it. It is one of the best gaming experiences I have had with any console.

  2. if you know the answer, why ask?

    FF13 will NEVER EVER be on the PS2. it’s going to be on the PS3 and Xbox 360 ONLY.

  3. No, its a ps3 and xbox 360 only game, single, probably, quad layered blu-ray and a bunch of dvd’s, the ps2 would probably blow up trying to run it at that.

    Final Fantasy 13 versus.ps3 exclusive.thats the game to look out for (trailer below)

    [url is not allowed].

    “The darkest and most disturbing game in the series to date”

    ~Square Enix

    im getting both!

  4. NO,

    PS2 is old Gen,. be thankful it’s still supported at all. MS & Nintendo kill their old consoles as soon as a new one comes out.

    Would it upset you to know that FFXIII started out as a PS2 game? But naturally SqaureEnix wanted to go all out on Next-Gen hardware. LOL

    The Demo for FFXIII alone if just over 5gb, so the 360 version will probably be a 10 Disc game LOL

  5. I highly doubt it, it looks like it’s in for an initial release for the PS3 in Japan, then a second release in the U.S.A. and elsewhere. Sorry about that.

    Keep smilin’,


  6. Nope afraid not. You see it will prolly be a multi disc for 360 and a single disc for ps3. And sony isn’t gonna pay the developers to format it for ps2 plus it is a good way for sony to get you to buy a ps3. Because FF followers are going to go crazy when it comes out and will be a huge seller so if you want in on the action you gotta pony up the money and buy a new console. And game.

    But look at it as an investment its a blu ray player and that’s the future so sooner or later your gonna want one. And it isn’t helping considering the only sd tv still being made are usually by off brand companies so this high def thing is really going to take off

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