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Does the Xbox 360 HDMI cable improve graphics?


i was getting a new xbox pro (60GB) and was wondering if the HDMI cable really does improve the graphics. I have a 60” Samsung HD tv. Will i really notice the difference between HDMI and component? are the graphics that much better and worth the $50?

*also is the Gold xbox live worth the money?
i plan on only getting Gears of War 2 for now. is this a good game on xbox live? what are some other good recent games?

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  1. Yes it does, you can select from either 1080p or 1080i depending on your LCD/Plasma TV instead of the usual 720p on an old CRT TV. You also get better sound as well. To change the settings go to System>Console Settings>Display>HDTV Settings Then select an option. Hope this answers your question

    PS dont pay $50 for an HDMI cable you can get them cheaper than that!

  2. xbox gold live is denitley worth the money as it has the best online gaming out there right now. Gear of war 2 is good! Halo 3 is obviously good too!

    Yes HDMI can improve graphics. If your using HD cables and then switch to hdmi you might see an improvement. If your using standard cables ( red white yellow) then you’ll see and hear a big difference.

  3. it’s will be better, like. watching a vhs player from a dvd player, it will be the same images but clearer. i think it’s worth it if you play first person shooters like bad company or any of the call of duty games.

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