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Do people still play Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the ps3? and how many people play on the Vietnam dlc for ps3?


I want to know if you guys get into full lobbies because obviously I would imagine it would be hard to find the exact amount of people still playing bfbc2 unless I’m missing something!

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  1. yes we do. I’m a 8 level bf veteran and recently got the ps3 version of the game(was playing it on pc before) to get some cod fan friends of mine into battlefield series. you can get a 2v2 server at first but it fills up really really quick.

    got bored of bf3 earlier than I expected(70 hours). and playing bc2 on both pc and ps3 now, and some 2142 also. don’t have vietnam on ps3, have it on pc and pc has some full servers but they are fixed map servers so meh. also check [url is not allowed] you can see the number of players online on the left side.

    2-3 thousand players active is a good enough number to get a full game.

  2. Yes, Ppls still play Battlefield Bad Company 2 on PS3, that’s why EA hasn’t shut down the servers”they shut down servers when they feel nobody is playing those games anymore”. that’s why they shut down Skate 1 and 2 Servers.

  3. This is a link where you can downlod for free Battlefield 2142: [url is not allowed]

    Finally the full version is avaiable!

    You are armed in Battlefield 2142 with destructive arsenal of modern weaponry and gear.

    It’s the best game.

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