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Creative things to do to my xbox?


Ok my xbiox doesnt work i wont to break it but creativetvily i lit fire works in side it any ideas and i cant through it off the roof and no fire any ideas please?

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  1. why break it spend the 100 bucks get it repaiers or say u pay 150 for complet new xbhox

    but umm why no fire? oo little boy scared of fire

    go sit it on some railropad tracks and wait for train come hehhe

    open it up and see what u can find maby sell in parts

    put it a bown paper bag light the bag and put it on some one dor step

    dress up with a friend in a suit and one of u holding a camra and go knock on a some ones door hopefuly its a kid sya u won a an xbox 3600 wooooogo inside and hook it all up and when it comes on 3 lights go like omg you freaken basterd you broke u dont deserve an xbox and take it back and walk out

  2. First, find a nuclear bomb guide on the internet, you may need a teenager to download it for you. Find one preferably with apples (yes, the fruit, not the computer) as the “ammunition,” and the “Go Button” is always a must for easy user-friendliness. Oh and Plutonium Popsicles (they glow green in the ice cream isle, can’t miss it) work well in that model.

    Have fun blowing up your Xbox! Do not forget the apples!

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