Home Xbox Forum Could you connect 1 xbox to 2 screens?

Could you connect 1 xbox to 2 screens?


I want to play split screen with 2 separate screens using a VGA splitter (2 male and 1 female) I was wondering if it was possible.
the splitter would have 1 male to male vga cable for it to be 2 male 1 female.

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  1. i doubt its possible, and even if it was you would just have the split screen image on both tv’s, so it would be pointless. the way i got round this when playing with friends was slightly more low tech. I cut a large piece of cardboard to fit tightly around the front of the tv, one of you lie down so you can’t see the top half of the screen and one of you sits up so you cant see the bottom half of the screen. just prop the cardboard up if it wont stay up by itself. this was back in the days of game cube and golden eye

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