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Copying a video file to PS3?


I’m Copying a 15.6gig file in.mkv format to my PS3, but it shows 25gigs copied so far and it isn’t done, why?
I have my PS3 connected to a router and my PC is also connected to it. I’m using PS3 Media Server, so my PS3 can see videos on my PC. Its now up to 28gigs =(
Update 2:
The video i’m trying to copy is in 1080p, and stutters because the buffering can’t keep up through the streaming.
Update 3:
Thanks Norak, i’m trying to watch Avatar Extended edition. I loaned out my BR, but I loaded it on my PC because it has a great sound system. However now the PC isn’t in the same room as my TV and want to watch the movie lol

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  1. There’s 2 possibilities. One is sometimes video files are stupid, simply put. I had a 2.3gb file that was too big to transfer, and I shrunk it down to 240mb by essentially doing nothing. It’s a fickle matter, but it doesn’t mean something’s wrong. The other possibility is that the PS3 is requiring some of the data needed to read the format, such as codex, etc. Regardless of why, it shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re strained for time or memory.

  2. Well, how are you copying it? Are you using an external drive, through media sharing, what? If you’re using an external drive, then it should copy over just fine, I’ve never had any issues copying straight from an external drive. If you’re using media sharing, that may be why, because of how it has to transfer. Without further details, that’s all I can think of.

    Edit: Then that’s why. Because with using a media server, it has to transfer the data in a certain manner so the PS3 can use it properly which can make the file size larger. Thus the reason I just stream them directly from the PC instead of copying or use an external drive to copy them over.

    Edit 2: Then that’s *definitely* another reason. Converting 1080p videos makes them extremely large. So it may take a while. If you’re willing to wait, then let it run, otherwise I say try copying with an external drive.

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