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Can you trade in a used game at GameStop?


I have three xbox 360 games that i wanna trade in but one of them was bought used and i was wondering if GameStop will accept it.
What if I peel off the pre-owned stickers?

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  1. Yes, but they probably will not give you very much money. If you want to get the best deal you should try selling your game on ebay.

  2. don’t trade your games to gamestop! they give you like $1.50 for a game!

    sell them to your friends or something.

  3. If has the original box and everything, they will accept your game for like 50 cents. What a rip off.

    sure you want to turn your games to GameStop how about you sell your games through Ebay.

    If the Used Game is not that Good then give it to GameStop.

  4. Sure, if you feel like getting ripped off.

    Seriously, they give people like 3.5 cents a game.

    Also, don’t be one of the jackasses that go and sell 11 or 12 games then decide they don’t want to and everyone hates them.

    Good luck 😀

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