Home Playstation Forum Can you play ps2 games on the Ps3 Slim 120 gbs?

Can you play ps2 games on the Ps3 Slim 120 gbs?


Well I know this question is very dumb but I’ve looked around and still I couldn’t find out if it could. I guess I may have skipped over it,

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  1. seriously? you can’t have actually looked. this question has been asked on here at least 10 times TODAY!

    [url is not allowed].

    search is your friend. learn to use it!

    120GB/slim (2 USB slots) – NO

    [url is not allowed].

    the download that others are referring to is for the PS3s that already are backwards compatible. downloading it to a non-backwards compatible PS3 will do NOTHING but take up space on your hard drive! it will NOT make your PS3 play PS2 games!

    “If a PLAYSTATION 3 is not backward compatible, you will not be able to add this function through any hardware (i.e., changing the hard disk drive) or software (i.e., updates, homebrew) upgrades or modifications. ”

    that came DIRECTLY from Sony’s own website: [url is not allowed].

  2. lol this question gets asked a billion times a day on here

    no its not backwards compatible with PS2 games

    only the 20,40, and first 80 gb ps3 models could play ps2 games

    if it doesnt have 4 usb ports it wont play ps2 games

    All ps3’s can play PSX (playstation 1) games

  3. No PS3 slim can play PS1 or PS2 games. The only reason some PS3’s in the past could play older playstation games was because it contained additional hardware that was only used for the ps2 and ps1 games. In order to cut costs they took it out of most of the large PS3s and all of the slim ones (so they could be slim of course). Their reason: because people who want to play older games can always buy a PS2 and play them. I hate them for this.

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