Home Xbox Forum Can you guys help me make a cool xbox live gamertag?

Can you guys help me make a cool xbox live gamertag?


I’m getting an xbox today and need a good gamertag. I’m a 15 yr old guy so nothing cheesy or weird haha I want something cool but cant think of it. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Something u think is cool! What do u like to do? If something specific then put that as ur gamertag. Im a girl and i couldnt think of a gamertag then i came up with this one: LovedAngel1. Its not really a good one much bleh. Anywayz back to da point. Something like. hm. TerroristMan. or MithyMythic.

    Lol i really dont know. hope i helped though!

  2. here is a link to some awesome mottos for your gamertag. its all in Persian but scroll down you will notice the mottos (there all in English) link: [url is not allowed]

    as for a gamertag name its requires what you like for example if you like gun images and that a good gamertag would be : Gunman , Annihilator , Punisher.

    you should decide to make one out of what you like just like the example above. and also remember to pick the exact one you like cause you can change your gamertag name once!

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