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Can the PS3 play games in 1080p?


I keep hearing that the PS3 can’t play games in 1080 line resolutions yet a few of the games I have state on the case that the game can be played in 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions.

I keep my PS3 limited to 720p as a personal preference because my TV isn’t full HD compatible, only HD ready. So the image quality is clearer in 720p.

But can the PS3 actually play games in 1080p? I’m quite confused as to why games state they can be played in 1080 yet people say they cant. Does the PS3 upscale them or something?

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  1. Added on to adidas, PS3 is compatable with 1080i (HD as well as 1080p) I’ve heard that 1080i is better than 1080p, but they’re both HD so i dont mind 🙂 I don’t know if any games play in 1080i it may be for the blu-ray. Just an addition to adidas’ excellent answer! 😉

  2. ->Can the PS3 run 1080P-YES (GT5, Wipeout HD best examples)

    ->Do all games that say 1080P on the Box are 1080P ‘Native’- NO (Best example and Call of Duty. COD games all aren’t even HD, they are 600P in resolution however the box says 1080P)

    ->So what does that mean- It’s upscaled by Software.

    ->So what result is better 720P or 1080P for upscaled games?- Depends. Sometimes upscaling can improve the quality, other times it tends to bring out Aliasing (jagged edge). I usually keep games at their native resolution (usually 720P) as that is how it’s meant to be played. However for people having a big screen must go for 1080P mode hence it’s included.

    It’s foxy to write 1080P on the box as it’s a good trick fooling people. Below is a list of all the games and their resolution(scroll down a bit). Usually all big studios refrain from native 1080P mainly cause you have to compensate that with really High res textures (as textures in 720P mode aren’t even 1280×720 resolution.They are SUB-HD. That is why if you use the same textures,it has to be at a higher res for 1080P to look as good as 720P texture which takes more memory (RAM memory) which is really limited on the PS3 (512MB). This in turn affects the frame rate and the result isn’t even much better.

  3. Addidas is right.

    1080p on Cutscenes

    FFXIII is the same also its says 1080p on the back but its the cutscenes that are 1080p

  4. Let’s be clear, not all games play in 1080p, even when it says that on the box.

    1) The PS3 can play games in 1080p. If the game was created for 1080p resolution, then it can be played in 1080p resolution (such as Wipeout HD), but there are very few games that are actually Full HD games, and an HDMI cable is required to get 1080p resolution.

    2) Just because the box says 1080p, does not mean the game plays in 1080p. There are many games that say 1080p on the box, but all that means is that some portion of the game is in 1080p. For example, MGS4, Uncharted, and Uncharted 2 all say 1080p, but the game actually plays in 720p. The portion of the game that is in 1080p are the cut-scenes, the reason the back of the box says 1080p.

  5. Yes, my PS3 can play in 1080p, and it is significantly better than 720p. So long as you are using a fully HD compatible and you are using a HDMI cable, you can play in 1080p.

  6. Like most of your answers so far, yes it can play games in full 1080 resolution, BUT it’s not gonna matter to anyone unless they have a 50″ or bigger screen. It’s all well and good wanting a bigger resolution on your screen, but if your screen isnt big enough to notice it, what’s the point?

    You could only spot the difference, if at all, on a bigger screen next to a smaller screen running the same game at the same time.

  7. YES the PS3 can play games in full 1080p, but you need an HDTV that has the capability of 1080p and the game you are playing must be in full 1080p. Not all PS3 games are made in full 1080p most of them are 720p, but I doubt you will be able to tell the difference between a game that’s 1080p (like Bioshock 2) and a game that’s in 720p (like Uncharted 2). All you need to know is that in 720 or 1080p the games look AMAZING!

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