Home Playstation Forum Can the PS3 be plugged into a normal def tv?

Can the PS3 be plugged into a normal def tv?



  1. Yes it can and comes with the lead to do this,plug it in via a hd lead though and the graphics really sharpen up.

  2. Yes, and it only comes with the composite A/V cables out of the box. If all you have is a cable input, just buy an R/F Switch at your local game store. Of course, it looks AMAZING in HD, but you can upgrade your TV later. I bought an HD TV just after I purchased my PS3. I needed to see it in high def.


  3. yes.but the res will be bad.but if your poor like me u might only have a video an left audio input so.gona have deal

  4. Yes, the PlayStation 3 works with any television. It looks great on a “normal def TV” & even better on a HD TV. In the UK, the Sony PS3 40GB console package includes an AV cable & AV Scart Connector.

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