Home Playstation Forum can ps3 read iso files for ps2?

can ps3 read iso files for ps2?


i made and iso ps2 game cd will my ps3 red it i haven’t tried yet cuz i gotta get my ps3 from my mom tomorrow? plz help

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  1. No. The PS3 is UNHACKABLE. But there are people working on it 24/7, but it is REALLY hard to hack a PS3.

    The PS2 is hackable/moddable because it is relatively easy to hack. Remember, the PS3 has 1 of its 8 total cores DEDICATED to security and OS (operating system).


    Oh yeah, if you are getting a brand new PS3 (bought from stores after September 2008), it can’t play PS2 games at all, backup or original.

    The only models that play PS2 games are:

    20GB-Discontinued, all PS2 games

    60GB-Discontinued, all PS2 games

    Old 80GB-Discontinued, 80% of PS2 games

    The following DO NOT:


    New 80GB-in stores

    160GB-in stores

    All PS3’s play PSone games.

    An easy way to tell if a PS3 will play PS2 games

    4USB ports=YES

    2USB ports=NO

    The reason is that the cost of putting the PS2 chip

    and the PS2 graphics card in the PS3 was VERY expensive,

    and as the PS2 only has about a year left (before it is

    discontinued), Sony saw no reason to lose even more

    money than they already are losing on the PS3, and

    hence there is no backwards compatibility on PS3’s today.

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