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Can not connect to Xbox live due to MTU settings?


Until a few days ago i could get onto live without any problems, but all the sudden its telling me that “your network does not have sufficient MTU settings” This coincides with my dad messing with the settings on McAfee. Is McAfee not letting me on? If i put the IP address of my xbox 360 into the “trusted” section would it make the problem go away? I tried going onto the web sight for my router (http:www. my ip #) and changing the settings but I cant because of I need the admin name (admin and password don’t work) Does anyone have any posable solutions? Thanks

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  1. In the router’s interface, you need to add the Xbox’s name or IP address to the DMZ. This will allow data to the Xbox flow freely without any restrictions. Once that’s set, you should be good.

    The anti-virus or firewall on your computer will not affect the connection to you Xbox. It’s the router’s settings that’s the issue.

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