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Can i use a external hard drive with PS3?


I have the 40GB ps3 and i want to put some songs, movies, pictures on the ps3 but i wont have enough space

will i be able to connect a USB hard drive to use as extra memory

like this hard drive for example:

[url is not allowed]

if not please suggest another hard drive that works (links would be helpful)

thx 🙂

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  1. PS3 recognize almost all USB accessories even mouse and keyboard or USB hub if you need more USB ports. Yes, you can connect ANY external HD. Or if you want, you can set it up to to detect your PCs HD by downloading and installing (on your PC) the Free TVersity Media Server. Just google “TVersity for PS3” and look for the download site. Once installed, your PS3 will automatically detect it. just go to any media folders (photos, video or music) on the XMB.

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