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can i transfer information from one ps3 to another with an hdmi cable?


and how do u do it please help!
can i do it with a usb cable or any thing else than a ethernet

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  1. No. HDMI was not designed to transfer that kind of data. That’s why they make USB & Ethernet cables.

    To transfer data from one PS3 to another, connect them with an Ethernet cable and run the Data Transfer Utility.

    EDIT: Don’t believe you can connect the two with a USB cable. You’d have to use USB external storage (flash drive or external hard drive). You have the option of creating a backup file via the Backup Utility, but I don’t think you can restore the backup file on a different console (which is why Sony made the Data Transfer Utility program to begin with). That will limit what you can transfer to music, photos, select videos, and most game saves if that is the case. However, you should not need to copy anything other than those 4, as you should be able to redownload and/or reinstall the rest.

  2. here the playstation website to tell you how to transfer info from 1 ps3 to another ps3 i hope you enjoy the instructions (it will take a while to do this process.)

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