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Can I return my Xbox Kinect if i bought it on Black Friday without receipt?


So my family bought an Xbox Kinect on Black Friday which was about a month ago. Turns out they really dont enjoy it and want to return it but dont have the receipt. Is it possible? We have only used it once. Please help!
Ive heard they can scan the code on the box to find out when it was bought, is this true? Also that you can exchange it for something else, but what can you exchange it for?

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  1. No. Most stores only give you 30 days to return an item. Best buy gives 45 days if you’re a silver premiere member.

    I don’t know if kinect has its own serial number, but if it does, the store where you bought it can scan it and see when you purchased it. Do not confuse the UPC code with the serial number. The UPC is that square thing with black and white lines on the box. Serial number is the rectangular black and white lines thingy. It’s a sticker that’s taped to the kinect.

  2. Most stores only accept returns within 15-30 days with a receipt. Beyond that, some stores MAY allow you to return an unopened item if they still carry it. But even then, they’ll only give you store credit.

    Since you have no receipt and the item is opened AND it’s beyond 30 days I doubt they’ll take it back.

  3. Nope sorry, you gotta have a receipt or it’s like bringing something back in that you found and trying to get money back, gotta have proof you bought even if you didn’t buy it, gotta have the receipt.

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