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can i pirate this game?


i want to pirate a copy of gta IV for my pc, and i already bought the xbox console copy, so is it illegal if i get a copy of it for my pc through torrents and install it on my pc? even if i own an original copy for console?

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  1. He said IV, not V so there is a PC version out of that.

    It would still technically be illegal, but the chances of you actually getting caught are 0.0001%

  2. It is completely illegal. You own a copy for xbox, not pc. They may be the same title but they are not the same. Would you go into Walmart and steal a bluray copy of a movie because you own it on DVD already? I hope not. Just buy it for PC if it available.

  3. There isn’t a PC version of the game for you to steal (at least not yet), and yes it would still be stealing. You bought one copy of the Xbox 360 version, that doesn’t give you the right to download as many other copies of the game for other platforms as you want.

  4. @Dragos, they said GTA IV, not GTA V.

    No, it’s still illegal.

    Having a game on one platform does not give you the right to the game on any other platform unless the publisher expressly allows it, like some games on Steam that work on PC, Mac and Linux, or Cross-Play games that give you Vita and PS3 versions.

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