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Can I make my old ps3 better?


I have the original 80 GB fat ps3, and I have noticed for a while that it is getting louder, the system gets hotter quicker, and that it freezes a little more often than before(not too bad). I am starting to believe that my ps3 is going to just break and lose everything. Is there something I can do to upgrade it or fix it so it will have a longer life span or is my ps3 doomed and will have to end up buying a new one?

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  1. Keep it in an open area off of the ground to help stop heat from building up. Maybe try using some compressed air to clean the dust out of the vents.

  2. Everything breaks down eventually. If the noise is coming from your Blu-Ray disc drive then thats a big problem, buy a new PS3 instead of fixing it. If the noise is coming from your hard drive back everything up then swap the hard drive for a new one, easy fix and relatively cheap.

    Dont be scared of buying a new PS3 because the original models cost way more than they do now.

  3. If your ps3 is out of warranty, you can have it opened and ‘reflowed’ by qualified technicians. reflowing MIGHT make your system last a bit longer because it cleans up dust accumulated inside, re-application of thermal paste on the cpu and graphics chip is also important and is also part of reflowing.

  4. Well people say a ps3 life span is around 3-4 years. You can replace parts in your ps3, but if not done right it could make it worse or make it stop working completely. Just to be on the safe side i would save all data that you do not want to lose onto a usb drive. My ps3 is just over a year old and it freezes every once in a while. For overheating make sure all the vents on the ps3 are dust free. All together though your ps3 life span depends on how you used and treated it. Good luck though hope it doesnt die.

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