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Can I go connect my Xbox 360 to my laptop with the Ethernet cable so I can go live?


Since I don’t have the wireless adapter for the Xbox yet and the wireless router is in another room can I go live by connecting my laptop to my xbox with the ehternet cable and go live that way?

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  1. Yes you can actually, but it requires a little configuring to do it correctly. Here is a cut and paste from my page of frequently asked 360 questions. I’m listing Method 2, as Method 1 is using network bridging, but I don’t recommend that setup unless you are only hooking up the 360 for one session.


    Method 2, Internet Connection Sharing

    1. Connect your Xbox360 to the ethernet port on the back of your computer.

    2. on your computer, hold the windows key and press R (The windows key is the key with a windows logo on it, typically found between the left ctrl and alt keys by the spacebar. On laptops the location can vary)

    3. A ‘run prompt’ will open. Type ncpa.cpl and press enter. This opens up a window called ‘network connections’

    4. If you have a network bridge or sharing in place already, remove it.

    5. Right click on the wireless connection, click properties, then click the sharing tab on top.

    6. Check the box that says “Allow others to connect using this connection. Click ok.

    7. Windows will do it’s thing for a few seconds and will inform you of your ethernet port’s new IP address. It will likely be ‘’

    8. On your 360, go to network settings. set to manual. enter the following info.

    IP Address=

    Subnet Mask=

    Gateway Address=

    DNS for first server put Leave second blank.

    When you test your Xbox live connection after entering the first 3 IP numbers, your DNS may automatically set to the correct one. You can leave it auto in this case, or set it to manual to avoid any future issues.

    There’s only a few reasons this setup will fail, so if you have an issue, let me know. But it really should work for you. Also, this is a ideal setup when sharing media to your 360.

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