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Can a Xbox 360 repair itself?


My 360 got the red ring and would shut off soon after it was turned on a little over a year ago and until now I have been playing PS3. I saw my 360 in my basement and set it up and I turned it on for about 5 minutes and it was working fine the whole time. Will it stay be playable? or after some time will it break again?

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  1. yes it will defintely mess up again due to the thermal compound that Microsoft used to hold the CPU and GPU in place under the heatsinks, which would melt over the CPU and GPU when the xbox got too hot and cause RROD.

  2. No, it will break again. Dont bother sending it to Microsoft, they give sloppy work and your “fixed” XBox will get the red ring again after a day.

    The only hope you have is by following a comprehensive DIY guide. Try [url is not allowed]. Worked for me.

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