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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – how to play against my friend online (PS3)?


I’m from Saudi Arabia and my friend is in the U.S. we want to play online together but we can’t get into the same room together. I get into rooms with people speaking in Arabic so I guess that it had something to do with the information I put into the system.

I created another account using a U.S. address but we still can’t figure out how to get into the same room so we can play together. We don’t want to go into the private match.

We’re both using PS3.

Can someone please help? I would much rather play with my original account if that’s possible.

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  1. if he is the party leader then you should play with people around him, this means if he invites you to the game. i hope this helps.

  2. well i suggest you use the u.s. account.then add your friend if u haven’t to your ps3 friend list. then when you are in a game(the intermission screen.where it shows which map your gonna play) theres an option that says invite(if the room isn’t full)click that and select your friends name on your friends list.they will receive a message and they can join the game your in

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