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Buying movies on PSN(ps3) in canada?


IM trying to figure out if PS3 users in canada can now buy movies on the pSN network, i know we can now purchase the gift cards to make purchases for games and stuff, however im more interested in movies as i use my ps3 more for blu-ray movies can anyone tell me if i can and if so, how do i do it?
well the reason i asked how to do it is because currently when i go on PSN right now without loading any card i cant see any new releases on blu-ray just the trailer feature, thtas why i asked how do i buy movies on pSN.A step by step description would be great

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  1. yes We Canadians can buy movies on PSN

    Yes if u go to Future shop or Best buy, u can buy PSN cards

    i dont get your last question

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